WPP is a creative transformation company focused on building better futures for businesses and brands. With an integrated offer of communications, experience, commerce, and technology, WPP helps clients solve the challenges of modern marketing. AI is powering creative transformation at WPP, revolutionizing not just how their people deliver amazing creative work, but how the world’s leading businesses and brands evolve and grow.

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Creative transformation means applying technology-powered creativity to help our client’s business to grow.

Stephan Pretorius Global Chief Technology Officer, WPP
Stephan Pretorius
Global Chief Technology Officer, WPP

Translating insights into action

WPP has been successful in their use of AI by developing unique abilities to translate insights derived from data into action, accelerating their ability to help clients identify new markets, be more relevant, and create more meaningful content and personal experiences for their customers. “It’s about future-proofing marketing activity,” says Di Mayze, Global Head of Data & AI at WPP. “And not doing what’s always been done.”

AI is enhancing WPP’s capacity to:

Understand vaccination demand

WPP is helping to understand and predict demand for COVID-19 vaccinations by combining retailers’ first-party data with WPP’s third-party data and identity resolution services. Carol Reed, EVP, Head of Data and Product Marketing at WPP, says, “One of our key projects is using machine learning and AI to look at demand patterns and signals to sort out which customers have a high likelihood of wanting to get a vaccine, and where there is a high demand.”

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Innovation everywhere

Openness to change

Empowering people

A culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism

WPP’s success with AI boils down to their culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism. This culture is characterized by openness to learning, change, and innovation. “That is the spirit of how we work at WPP,” says Stephan Pretorius, Global Chief Technology Officer at WPP. “We’re open for business. When we have a great asset somewhere, we’re trying to very quickly make it available to as many of our agencies and people as we can.”

Distributed innovation means that everyone can innovate. Everyone is challenged to use their ingenuity to solve business problems. This is an empowering driver of change within WPP.

Stephan Pretorius Global Chief Technology Officer, WPP
Stephan Pretorius
Global Chief Technology Officer, WPP

Learning from WPP

WPP is delivering creativity that’s powered by technology, helping people across the organization use AI to understand customers at a deeper level, predict their behavior and preferences, and develop more engaging communications for the brands they work with.

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