For super-app innovator Grab, AI is everywhere and for everyone. From tech and engineering employees, data scientists to drivers, Grab is partnering with Microsoft to equip their people with AI tools and training to enhance how they perform their roles across transportation, food and courier delivery, financial technology, and other services.

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We believe in accessibility of AI for everyone—everybody from key business stakeholders to customer excellence agents who are manning phones.

Wui Ngiap Foo Head of Technology, Grab
Wui Ngiap Foo
Head of Technology, Grab

AI in action

Grab provides everyday services—such as ride-hailing, food delivery, payments, and more—all under the umbrella of a single super app. AI not only empowers people across Grab’s organization but powers much of the super app. Some of the AI projects that Microsoft and Grab have worked together on include functions like:

Decreasing food waste
Addressing customer feedback at scale
Bridging communication gaps

Grab is working with AI partners to provide instant translation, improving communication for speakers of the region’s diverse languages.

Improving maps
Analyzing daily driver expenses
Protecting users

Grab Defence is an AI-based technology suite that Grab has built over the years to combat fraud and protect its users. Today they monitor millions of transaction attempts per day at a scale and speed no human could.

Auto-filling destinations
Identity authentication
Protecting passengers

Grab uses AI with real-time safety monitoring to detect route deviations and other anomalous signals. Grab’s fleet across Southeast Asia is 1.4 times safer on accident counts and 2.3 times safer on offenses than Singapore’s taxi benchmarks, which are used as a gold standard for comparison.

Fixing traffic congestion issues
Balancing market supply
Assigning drivers

AI enables the Grab app to best match passengers with drivers by taking into account over 50 attributes—including driver profile, timing of last ride, location, time of day, and more.

Increasing personalization
Accelerating delivery times

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From startup to unicorn with AI

Founded in 2012, Grab has been downloaded more than 214 million times and is the leading super app in Southeast Asia. Born out of a desire to make taxi rides safer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Grab super app is now a one-stop shop for the everyday needs of millions of customers. AI has played a crucial role in helping Grab to scale—making them an example of a startup that has invested deeply into technology so that they could run rather than walk toward rapid growth.


Learning from Grab

As Grab continues to grow, their “AI everywhere” approach isn’t just empowering employees across their organization. With Grab Defence, they’re empowering others in the AI community, too.

Organizations like Grab are showing it’s possible to put AI in the hands of everyone. In doing this, you can effectively scale AI so that every business function is transformed.

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