For more than 85 years, Bell has been a leader in the aerospace industry, developing vertical lift aircraft. Now they’re expanding on that legacy by developing aircraft that can take off, fly, and land autonomously as safely as with an experienced human pilot. AI is key to making that goal a reality.

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We have to, at some level, do this together or no one’s going to be able to benefit from the value that AI can bring.

Grant Bristow Applied Intelligence Technical Lead, Bell
Grant Bristow
Applied Intelligence Technical Lead, Bell

AI in action

AI is an important part of Bell’s overall strategy to transition from aerospace manufacturer to a service provider and technology leader that’s revolutionizing flight. On Bell’s transition to tech company, Matt Holvey, Senior Manager of Intelligent Systems at Bell, says, “along with that comes the usual software and digital innovation implications.” The Bell Innovation team is exploring these implications, looking at the applications and benefits of tools such as AI across the company and industry.

The theoretical products that Bell’s developing for the future need to leverage modern tools such as AI, as well as IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud functionalities.

Matt Holvey Senior Manager of Intelligent Systems, Bell
Matt Holvey
Senior Manager of Intelligent Systems, Bell

Enhanced engineering and factories

Simulation and augmented reality

Autonomous flights and AI

Standards development for the industry

Revolutionizing the future of flight with AI

From logistics drones that are already in development, to futuristic travel innovations like air taxis, Bell is scaling AI innovation to fulfill their vision of autonomy in flight. Innovations the company is working to bring to reality include:

Autonomous flight operations

Driving air safety autonomously

Lift as a service

Integrating with other modes of transport


Learning from Bell

As Bell revolutionizes the future of flight with safe, autonomous vehicles, they’re applying AI in a way that delivers new ways to fly along with a new standard of safety and value in their industry.

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